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Kidtreasures is located in the heart of the Midwest, in beautiful Topeka, Kansas. We are a tight-knit team that enjoys coming to work, knowing that we have had a hand in capturing memories and memorabilia from the past that families will hold close to their hearts well into the future. Our most popular books are art books for kids, but many of our families enjoy adding trophies, poetry, short stories and more, which makes for an amazing kid’s memory book.

There is nothing we enjoy more than opening a Kidstreasures Box to find a beautiful macaroni necklace, a 1st place ribbon from a spelling bee, or a self-portrait drawn in blue crayon. Your kids inspire us. Because of this, they are the reason we come to work each day. They are artists, athletes, scientists, musicians, animal lovers and writers. From Kidtreasures Box to Kidtreasures Book, we enjoy the journey of creating each treasured time capsule. We love to see when each personal Keepsake Book comes to life with images of hard work, talent, and artistry. What we create is much more than art books for storing children’s artwork. We help tell your child’s story. And, we love to hear from joyful parents and kids once they have their Kidtreasures Keepsake Book in hand.

We are huge fans of kids reaching for the stars and accomplishing their dreams. As a matter of fact, our parent company, Studentreasures, has helped over 15 million students become published authors over the last 25 years. That’s a lot of proud, young authors. Our love for creativity, writing, and books is a common theme around the home office, as our sister company, Nottai, offers personalized notebooks and personalized writing journals to both kids and adults.

We always have been and always will be dedicated to supporting kids (and parents) and their accomplishments.

Kid's one-of-a-kind keepsake book


We pride ourselves on creating art books for kids and keepsakes through publishing one-of-a-kind books.
Kids artwork and school projects


At Kidtreasures, we believe every child deserves a memory that lasts a lifetime and that our work should be memorable, too.
Kid's Art Book


Our product is more than a book. It’s lasting pride, memories, and a cherished keepsake you can enjoy for many years to come.
Children's memory book


More than 15 million books and counting … we can’t wait to create a book that will make you and your family smile! Truly the perfect keepsake.

Meet the Kidtreasures Team

Preserving what is precious for our customers and families.

We understand that it is hard to decide what to keep and what to throw out, so know that you are in good hands. Our staff loves toilet paper rockets and googly-eyed caterpillars, hand print art, and 3rd place ribbons. We love helping creative kids (and their parents) turn childhood treasures into something everyone can enjoy.

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