Affordable Pricing – Simple Process – Treasured Keepsake

We create a straight-forward product, truly focusing on your child’s artwork, awards, and creations. This makes it easy to offer affordable pricing options to our families. This is your child’s story to share, so our photographers and design specialists our committed to providing a customized approach from cover art selection, title creation, artwork order, and coordinating full-color background to make artwork truly pop. Whether you are creating a child’s art book or a kid’s memory book of childhood treasures, Kidtreasures can help.

Kidtreasures Kid's Art Box
Keepsake Book
Kid's Art Book

Add-ons and Extras

Return Your Artwork

It's not always easy to say good-bye to artwork and school projects, so let us know and we will return your artwork. Done with the clutter? We are happy to recycle free of charge.

Returned Artwork~ $20.00

Additional Copies

We offer a 50% discount on additional copies of your child's art book. Our Keepsake Books make wonderful gifts for friends, family, and especially Grandma and Grandpa.

Additional Copies – $34.50

Extra Pieces/Pages

Each book price includes 26 pieces of art or memorabilia. Want to add more pieces to your book? No worries. You may have a maximum of 200 pieces in your book.

Extra Pieces/Pages – $1.75 per piece

Digital Images

For easy access and storage, we offer a low-res digital PDF file option of all of your child's artwork and items, which makes clearing out the clutter and recycling a no-brainer.

Digital Images (PDF) – $15.00

Getting Started is Simple. Create Your Child’s Art Book.

Clear the clutter and fill our Kidtreasures Box with your child’s artwork and memories. We’ll turn it into a book – it’s that easy!