Do I need to purchase one Kidtreasures Box per book? 

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No! The great news is you can insert items for multiple books into a single Kidtreasures Box. Be sure to keep your items organized, so our photography specialists know which book they belong to.    Also, if you would like your child’s pieces featured in a specific order of appearance in your Keepsake Book, simply let us know by writing a page number on the back of

What is included in the Kidstreasures Box? 

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Your  Kidtreasures Box includes an Keepsake Book order form, a  padded insert to protect your masterpieces during transit, and a free return shipping label to ship your masterpieces back to our facility from any UPS store. Our professional photographers and design artists work together to capture each treasured piece of your child's artwork to create a personal memory book.

What kind of items can I send to you? 

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This is your child's story and we are here to help you tell it. You can include anything that can be photographed, for example: awards, medals, report cards, paintings, sculptures – you name it! If you are sending any breakable items (e.g., macaroni art, popsicle stick creations, etc.), please be sure that you pack them in bubble wrap to reduce the


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