Clear the clutter and fill our box with your child’s memories.
We’ll turn it into a book – it’s easy!

Get My Box!

Art. School Work. Award Ribbons. Team Pictures. Crafts and More!

We make it easy to preserve these mementos in a unique hardcover, coffee-table book to enjoy for years to come!


Your child has received ribbons, team pictures, awards and created art, crafts, projects, mementos and more!

More than artwork!

Drawings, paintings, short stories, sports, ribbons, homework, poetry, scout or 4-H projects and sketches.



Collect all the artwork, awards, crafts and any other important items you want to include in your keepsake book.

The Treasured Pieces

It’s easy! We’ll send your box. You fill it with your child’s artwork, awards and more. Ship the box back, free of charge.



We create your custom book filled with your child's memories and creations, preserved for years to come.

A Beautiful Hardcover Book

Your child’s work is preserved in a unique and professionally bound, hardcover book to cherish for years to come.


Check Out These Kid Masterpieces

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A Treasured Keepsake

A Kidtreasures book captures childhood mementos and creations in a professionally bound book while delivering smiles and warm memories every time it’s opened. These books make a meaningful gift for yourself, your child & grandparent that everyone’s sure to love!

Parent Approved!

“I love having my kids’ artwork all in one place. Even better, I don’t have to explain why they found their artwork in the recycling bin anymore… This is by far the best book we own!”

Corinne C. • Mom of 3

“Having my son’s entire catalog of kindergarten art projects in one book is a great concept! I was skeptical about how the larger projects would scale down, but they look awesome! From the cover photo to the contents it is a great representation of my boy! I am very happy with this product.”

Jake G. • Dad of 2

About Us

Since our founding more than 25 years ago, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds, including introducing our newest product lines: Nottai personalized notebooks and personalized journals along with Kidtreasures. Modeled after our parent company, Studentreasures Publishing, and the vision to turn every child into an author, Kidtreasures continues our dedication to something that preserves the magic of childhood and is passed proudly through generations – this kind of makes us gush!

Building Your Book Is Easy!

Collect all the artwork that’s on your fridge or in your child’s memory box and let us do the work to create your one-of-a-kind keepsake book!