Creating a Kids Memory Book with Kidtreasures is as Easy as 1-2-3

We make kids artwork preservation super simple by turning piles of childhood creations and memorabilia into a beautiful hardcover, Keepsake Book. You can feature your child’s art, schoolwork, awards and ribbons, team pictures, crafts and more. So clear the creative clutter and order your box to get started today.

Archiving Kid’s Art Made Easy

Create a Kids Memory Book

This is what we know…kids grow up fast, they are only young once, and artwork and school papers stack up quickly. Whether you have your children’s art projects and mementos neatly organized by individual school year, displayed on your fridge, or shoved in a plastic bin in the basement, we can turn those childhood mementos into a hard-covered masterpiece.

Preserving What is Precious

A Story in Every Page

We get that it is hard to decide what to keep and what to throw out, so know that you are in good hands. At Kidtreasures, our photographers love toilet paper rockets and googly-eyed caterpillars, hand print art, and 3rd place ribbons. Our team loves helping creative kids (and their parents) turn childhood treasures into something everyone can enjoy. It is our mission to preserve what is precious.

Saving Children’s Artwork for Years to Come

Clear the clutter and fill our Kidtreasures Box with your child’s artwork and memories. We’ll turn it into a personal keepsake book – it’s that easy!


Check Out These Kid Masterpieces

Simply click on the images below to flip through these one-of-a-kind books.

Get Started Now!

Parent Approved!

“I love having my kids’ artwork all in one place. Even better, I don’t have to explain why they found their artwork in the recycling bin anymore… This is by far the best book we own!”

Corinne C. • Mom of 3

“Having my son’s entire catalog of kindergarten art projects in one book is a great concept! I was skeptical about how the larger projects would scale down, but they look awesome! From the cover photo to the contents it is a great representation of my boy! I am very happy with this product.”

Jake G. • Dad of 2
“I bought additional copies for my children’s grandparents. They were blown away by this unique, wonderful gift. They have shown it to all of their friends!”
Cathy M. • Mom of 3


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